The Ultimate Jean Jacket

First off, I can't take credit where credit is not due. So, full disclosure: I didn't find this myself. I saw a friend of mine wearing it at a beach party last weekend, and almost fell over in the sand upon realizing a jean jacket this perfect exists. And is not in my closet. under $50. Yup. Get one HERE.

Here are the 3 reasons that this gem has forced every other jean jacket in my closet into early retirement:
1- The ultra-girly puffed shoulders on their own would feel over-the-top, but paired with distressed denim, it becomes everyday-wearable.
2- The fit is snug but not constricting- and thanks to the ruching on the sleeves, the shape instantly makes your waist look Kardashian-corset-tiny.
3- The wash of the denim is flawless- it is that perfect halfway point between throwback stonewash and dress-up-dress-down blue. 

Okay, enough small talk. Time is a wastin'. Get yours now. And wear it happily ever after.

Jenn Falik2 Comments