Amazon Winners: The Best Style Finds For Fall (So Far...)

These scrunchies  are flawless, you guys. And you can get a dozen for $10!

These scrunchies are flawless, you guys. And you can get a dozen for $10!

Velvet Bow Scrunchie Pack: I am all in on these bunny ear bow velvet scrunchies, you guys. But the price discrepancies between what I see in boutiques and what I see from online discount sites and Amazon makes me suspicious- so I ordered a couple sets off Amazon to try. And THIS SET of 12 gorgeous, comfy and no-slip velvet bunny bow scrunchies is a WIN. A dozen lush hues in every color you would ever want is $10, people! (Pictured above!)

Kids Earring Pack: Lex and her friend Penny got their ears pierced around the same time- and Penny’s mom happens to also be our family dermatologist. So when Penny came over wearing adorable earrings from THIS SET of hypoallergenic studs with plastic posts designed for even the most sensitive ears, I was like OKAY- if our family dermatologist is cool with these, they must be great. And they are. So easy to put in and remove, and Lex (who is very particular about how things FEEL, especially when it comes to earrings) loves them. Oh- and did I mentioned that the girls hypoallergenic earring set includes 30 pairs and is like $14? Yup.

Amazon Nightgown Dress: I never bought into the “Amazon Coat”. It swept suburbia so aggressively, I just couldn’t do it. And while THIS $30 “nightgown” is equally as buzzed about (thanks to The Buy Guide, Grace Atwood, Hitha Palepu to name a few), it is far less ubiquitous in my world. Though, the Amazon Nightgown Dress comes in 21 colors, and can be styled in just as many- if not more- ways. I wear a small and yes, the fit is great- snug on top, billowy on the bottom. Get one (or two) and bring it with you on every vacation ever- pair it with cute sneakers on the plane, flip flops poolside and cork wedges for evening. The triple crown of chic, ladies. Promise.

Header Photo Credit: Julia Dags