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Hands down the most stylish laptop case, it is by Welden and exclusive to Apple, linked  HERE .  Photo Credit:  Julia Dags

Hands down the most stylish laptop case, it is by Welden and exclusive to Apple, linked HERE.
Photo Credit: Julia Dags

I like to bring my laptop everywhere with me- obviously it is always in tow when I head out to work from the local library (the Westport Public Library happens to be an amazing “office”), but also, if I am out and about with the girls, just in case I can sneak in some writing time between drop offs and pick ups. So, I consider a stylish laptop case to be somewhat of an essential- it tends to get out more than most of my favorite handbags do these days to be honest.

By far my favorite stylish laptop case is this one, from Welden (an awesome accessory brand that is actually designed, owned and run by some really incredible local Westport women- love supporting local biz whenever I can!). I first stumbled upon it at the Apple store in Grand Central, and recognized that signature “Welden Weave” (they refer to it as a hexagon weave- it is very chic, no?) instantly. Lucky for me, at a chance meeting with Cori, one of the women behind the brand who I also happened to have gone to high school with- Westport is a very small town in so many ways, especially if you are a townie who also moonlights in the fashion/beauty/marketing world- she happened to have one on her that perfectly fit my 13” MacBook Pro and alas, a love affair began. Between me, and my super durable, hand crafted, padded-for-protection stylish laptop case. It also has great interior pockets, and an exterior slip pocket which comes very much in handy for the random papers I collect throughout the day.

Recently, Welden released an equally chic Accessory Organizer (exclusive to Apple) which has double compartments sized perfectly to hold Apple power adapters, an elasticized band to hold earbuds, and a mesh interior pocket for the extra stuff we inevitably schlep.

The prices are really good too- and there are stylish laptop case options for MacBooks ranging from 12”-15” (note- my 13” case is also perfect for my iPad Pro, so on trips where I leave the full laptop behind, this still comes along with me).

It just makes me so happy to know that a tech behemoth like Apple recognized the quality and style of an indie brand like Welden (true story- someone from Apple reached out to Welden via their customer service email- talk about a cold call you always dream of getting, right??!)- and now carries these handcrafted pieces in stores all over the country and online.

Oh- and the other tech accessories that round out my on-the-go arsenal these days? THIS $10 Airpod case that is still one of the most shopped items from my Instagram feed- obsessed with the millennial pink/rose gold combo but there are endless options- and my Bandolier iPhone case with a strap and credit card pocket so I can be hands free but never without my camera and Amex at the ready.

Please leave info on or links to your favorite tech accessories in the comments, always looking to add to my collection… xxJF


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Header Photo Credit: Julia Dags