The Quick 6: Best Spring/Summer 2018 Bags To Buy

Wear Everywhere Woven: This is like a bracelet and a bag in one- adore the gold metal handles dangled from my wrist, and the woven knit bag is sturdy (and roomy enough for an iPad or hardcover book if I am commuting) but still looks really light and airy. It comes in blush and black as well- selling out fast, so GET ON IT, peeps. 

Red / Pink: First off- you guys won't believe how well-priced this bag is- or where I happened to find it. But besides that, the whole red/pink combo is one of my favorite trends right now, and this easy clutch has just the right touch of whimsy to make it work for day and evening.

One Word- Gucci: Basically every single Gucci bag is top of my wish list at the moment- and this one (which we happened to get my mom for Christmas in hopes she will let me borrow it) is, in my opinion, the perfect pick from the current collection. A subtle sheen, sized just right, able to go cross body or over the shoulder, and, there happens to be the sweetest hidden detail on the back that just makes it even that much more special. (This is also a great option at a less daunting price point, FYI.)

Belt Bag, But Not As a Belt: The return of the fanny pack freaked me out too, guys. But then when I saw (don't judge) one of the Kardashians wearing it slung under her arm like this  I was like- oooh, this I could do (esp. because she did it while carrying a kid on her back, an accessory-averse situation many moms are familiar with). Love this sporty version- because it just feels like it makes sense as part of an athleisure look more so than a glam going out deal. 

Beach Ready Boho: Under $70, this also fills my typography quota, and the color combo is such that it literally works with every single thing in every single closet. The distressed canvas and the just-right-to-tuck-under-the-arm straps are also A+ attributes. Oh- and check this version out, too...I kinda want them both. 

Round w/Tassels: The bag made to be worn with every spring dress imaginable, let this hang down off your shoulder for a long, lean line, or you can get practical about it and go cross-body. Either way, it holds what you need it to, and is that perfect juxtaposition of structure sitting next to airy silk ruffle springiness...This bag is the current style blogger obsession- and while I adore it, truth be told, if my kids can see inside my bag, it is only a matter of minutes before lipstick is all over everything in arms reach.