The $17 Pants In My Closet That I Can't. Stop. Wearing.

Get yours  HERE . 

Get yours HERE

I am a total sucker for the ads that pop up in my Instagram with splashy images of the fashion items I am currently on the hunt for (how do they know EVERYTHING?!?) and price points that make it impossible to NOT click through to "Shop Now." Which is how I stumbled upon THIS site- and ended up filling a shopping cart with random items to try. As my husband and I joke when I eat a donut after breakfast, or polish off a second martini when I swore I was just going to sip one- "it's for SCIENCE!". 

As I delved into the abyss that is SHEIN, I threw this hi-lo floral print trapeze top, these leggings (a knockoff of the Lilybods I had been wanting to purchase anyway), this summery embroidered top and- the piece de resistance (sorry no clue how to do accent marks on Squarespace!): THESE TRACK PANTS

You guys, they are AWESOME. The material is soft instead of scratchy, the elastic waist doesn't pinch and sits at a good spot just below the waist,  and the length hits right at the ankle- no tailoring needed (which is a good thing because I would surely have a moral issue paying $12 for a tailor to shorten $17 pants).

I wore the tunic to dinner last Friday night (as you may have seen in my Instastory, if you happen to follow me there which I hope you do!), and, while the material is more sheer than in the photo, I kinda loved it. I added a belt because the fit is WAY roomy- but for $14, it is a fun piece to have in my closet. Same goes for the embroidered top- cute and whimsical, no complaints. The leggings were a fail!- See-through, flimsy, and the white striping started to peel off within an hour of my first wear.

If you have never shopped SHEIN, you have nothing to lose- shipping on orders over $49 is free, you have 60 days to return for a full refund, and the site has like 1,000,000 items on sale at any given time. 

Here (pictured below) are 10 of my favorite finds on the site. Please leave a comment if you have ever ordered off SHEIN and share your hits and misses so I can add to my list, 'kay?

PS. I recommend you steer clear of the workout leggings- unless you like the person behind you at SoulCycle getting a full view of your butt- and perhaps a peek at some crack- while you ride.