The Quick 6: Swimwear, Home Decor, Skin Savers, Workout Wear and More...

Just a random sharing of things I want you to know about:

1- FLAGPOLE Swimwear: Credit on this one goes to my bestie Miryha- she told me about her new swimwear obsession and it very quickly became mine too. The most gorgeously modern suits with unexpected but amazing color combos- plus, you can order on Zappos and Shopbop which means trying and returning is so simple- key when it comes to trying a new swimwear brand.

2- PLAE Sneakers for Kids/Toddlers: I have raved about this smartly designed brand many times in the past (including HERE), and currently, we are loving this hightop in Aurora Suede- reminds me (and more importantly, Alexa) of a Unicorn in Outer Space, which is clearly an upgrade to the basic Unicorn trend that we are slowly tiring of. 

3- Magic Globes for Cooling/Sinus/Facial Massage: They stay cool for HOURS, and feel amazing first thing in the morning when you wake up congested and puffy. The stimulation also helps to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and large pores, and the cooling effect may also help to activate collagen fibers to improve skin elasticity. I am obsessed with using these twice a day- right when I wake up after applying eye cream, and, if I am going out in the evening, before applying my "time to face the world" makeup. And YAY that you can get them on Amazon Prime!

4- Opalhouse Throw Pillows: Stumbled across this new brand at Target the other day, and bought 3 pillows- itching to go back and get more though. The quality is insanely good- and especially, in my opinion, the velvet styles. They look like custom-made super pricey designer versions, seriously. Check out the entire assortment HERE and swoon.

5- Urban Decay HiFi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss in SPL: Overall, this new gloss collection is top notch, but special shout out goes to this holographic candy pink with iridescent sparkles shade that still lets your natural lip color shine through so you don't look as if you are suffering from an oxygen deficiency. IMHO, this is a grown up way to wear a festival-inspired lip trend. 

6- Outdoor Voices Activewear: When this brand first reached out and asked if I would like to test it out, I was like "meh, sure." My workout wear preferences tend toward the more glossy black compression, high-tech looking styles- so the heathered fabrics and simple designs didn't grab me right off the bat. Well- when I am wrong, I am WRONG. These leggings are so flattering- and quick-drying, important if you sweat like I do and then want to run errands without looking like you should be wearing adult diapers. I am not that girl who works out in a sports bra and leggings- but in Outdoor Voices, I totally do. The combo of THESE high waist leggings and THIS crop bra top is EVERYTHING! Get on it, people.