What To Wear When You Commute To Work.

Lace Culottes  /  White Tee  /  Pink Heels  (identical to pair shown and 1/8 of the price that I paid for mine!)

Lace Culottes / White Tee / Pink Heels (identical to pair shown and 1/8 of the price that I paid for mine!)

When we moved from Madison Square Park in the heart of NYC out to Westport, Connecticut 5 years ago, I was fully aware that the way I worked would change. At first, I was panicked that it was the end of everything. I quickly learned that it was most definitely not- living in suburbia actually helped me to focus on the aspects of my career I loved most, and removing myself from the frenetic energy of the Manhattan gave me just the space I needed to be more selective. As opposed to taking everything that came my way, (because if I didn't, I'd have to sit next to the girl who did at some breakfast event and listen to her wax poetic on it for 45 minutes straight) a quiet okay-ness with not being the busiest blogger/tv contributor/brand ambassador on the planet came over me.

But something that took me MUCH  longer to figure out? What the F to wear on the days I had to commute into the city for meetings and events and shoots. 

Arriving at a destination looking polished and professional after a 90 minute Uber-to-train-to-subway journey is an art that I have finally mastered. These tips- from over 5 years of trial and error testing- are useful to anyone who has to get from point A and arrive at point B looking cool, calm and (stylishly) collected.

1- Lace and sequins are your best bet. They are crazy durable and wrinkle-resistant. These are my best travel buddy year-round, and I have an arsenal of black, navy and camel-toned sequin tees and blazers that pair nicely with dark denim as another option. Also, lace/sequin pencil skirts are great- easy to throw on a white t-shirt and go. Oh- and neither of these things show sweat stains. And commuting can be a hot and sticky affair, in the least appealing way ever. my friends. 

2- Short pants are the only pants. Because anything other than flip flops/ballet flats/sneakers is NOT an in-transit option- nor are the tell-tale creases/dust marks on your pants when you do make the stiletto switch in the elevator upon arrival. I am seriously grateful for these lace culottes every damn day.

3- Hair extensions are essential. I have clip-ins (the same ones for 10 years and counting). They hold style better than my real hair, and don't get sweaty and in turn frizzy like actual hair can. So no matter the elements, my hair maintains some semblance of style. Mine are from an amazing place in NYC called Helena Collection, but you can get "off the rack" clip-ins here

4- Your not-fancy footwear should be, well, fancy. Sometimes, you will get caught in the elevator before you complete your shoe swap. Or run into a professional contact on the train. In the interest of not channeling "Working Girl", invest in a pair of fashion sneaks (yes, I know these seem silly expensive, but I swear to you, they are worth every penny- and you can get them for a major markdown when you shop off this imported-from-Italy site.) When you can get away with flip flops- always opt for these

5- Get a backpack. Being hands free is HUGE. Plus- and I always say this, but- something about wearing a backpack always makes you stand up taller and look younger. I adore this one- especially since you can wear it with anything, dress it up or down, and get it via Amazon Prime (score!).