Bonobos Pants. My Husband's New Favorite.

Bonobos Pant

My husband feels neglected when I don't include him in my fashion and beauty experiments, so when I was offered the chance to check out this new line of pants for men- Bonobos- he was ready and willing to be my guinea pig. And now, I have to go buy him about 10 pairs.They fit perfectly- and it is rare that he finds something comfortable that I also consider fashionable. Started by 2 Stanford Biz School grads on the search for the perfect pant, these are come in a million different style options, an array of great colors, and have a fit that is perfectly relaxed without being even a little bit frumpy.Our favorite right now is the lightweight cord Bryan Wolff browns which is super soft but still structured, and has a great flare at the bottom that is subtle enough to be more classic than trendy. And- Bonobos only sells online direct to customers- avoiding the dramatic retail markup- so the prices are really amazing for the quality. And what guy wants to deal with going into a store and trying stuff on anyway? None that I know of. Ladies- I definitely recommend you check this site out and stock up the men in your life. You will thank me, and they will thank you.