Dior Hypnotic Poison. A scent worthy of being a signature.


I have searched for years to discover that one scent so divine that I could proclaim it as my own. Something that would keep my interest no matter what tantalizing new scents were being marketing to me every time I opened a magazine or walked into a store, something that was unique but not weird, something that was sexy but still appropriate for every day, something that people could get a whiff of and immediately think of me. So, on top of all my other criteria- it had to be a scent that few others I spent time with wore.

A good friend in college wore Dior Hypnotic Poison- it was her signature. And I was so jealous. I loved it. Obsessed over it. Wanted so badly to have it as my own that I often considered (only fleetingly, of course!) ending the friendship simply so I could steal it, stock up on bottles, and practically bathe in it daily. This friend moved to the West Coast several months back, and I made the executive decision that the time had come, and I was going to do it. I was going to make her signature scent my own.

So, I braved the crowds at Sephora on a Saturday in order to make the purchase. And it was worth every second of waiting not only in line that day, but of waiting for 5 years and several months to officially introduce Hypnotic Poison into my everyday routine. Every time I smell it, I love it more and more. Now, I have to wait patiently for travel sizes to come out so I can bring it with me everywhere. Literally, if it were up to me, I would have one in every purse, my desk drawer, every bathroom in my apartment, and then some. It really is hypnotic. Really.