Car as Style Statement- My Ford Fiesta Experience

In my everyday life, I receive tons of info on makeup, skincare, accessories, celeb favorites and the like- but rarely to I get a chance to talk about cars. And, since I live in Manhattan and have probably been behind the wheel less than 10 times in the past 10 years, cars have not been top of my radar as of late. However, all that changed when I was asked by Ford to participate in a panel they were hosting to talk about style trends and how they relate to automobiles.

Sheryl Connelly, the Global Trends and Futuring Manager at Ford, moderated the panel and said something so interesting when we started talking about how cars and style relate: Think of  your car as the most expensive suit you will ever own. And when you think about it- it is all about the way you present yourself- and the choices you make are so reflective of the "personal brand" you want to promote.

The entire experience was fascinating- I had always looked as cars more as utility-meets-status symbol purchases, and it is kind of fun to think about them also as a personal style statement. The Ford Fiesta comes in bold colors- my favorite is, of course, magenta. Pretty much anything in my closet would look great leaned up against the side of that car. Oh- and the cars have ambient lighting too- a big beauty plus, I must say.

Who knew that Ford was so in touch with our vanity? I admit it, I'm so vain, I think this car is about me :)