I Wear This Every Single Day: Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner

I always wanted to perfect the art of eyeliner. And more than just basic liner, I wanted to be able to do it the way that makeup artists seemed to be able to- lining the entire rim of the eye for complete definition. Over the past 8 years of life in the beauty business, I have probably had the pleasure of trying over 150 basic black eyeliners. And it wasn't until I snagged a sample of Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner from Stila that I finally felt I had met Mr. Right.  Even on a "no makeup" day, I don't leave the house without it.

You don't have to have perfect dexterity to apply this like a pro- the marker tip is just a little longer and a little skinnier than any others I have found, so you can get right along the lash line without the slightest smudge. And because the point is so fine, I can easily apply in the inner rims, which I think makes the sexiest, most subtle difference.

For a little extra impact, I will draw over the line from above my iris to the outer corner of my lashes a couple times- but usually, I just do one thin line and call it a day. This isn't going to give you a smudgy smokey look- so for that, stick to a kajal pencil formula (I love this one) that gives you play time to make it messy (in a good way!). But it is the ideal training tool to get that look- tracing over the perfect liquid line is a great way to make sure whatever you put on top is still just precise enough.