Closet MVP: K. Jacques St. Tropez Wedges


When I was going out to the Hamptons for Super Saturday last weekend, I had a little outfit issue. See, I was going to be stomping around on the grass- so my usual heels were out of the question- but I also had to do an appearance on QVC for L'Oreal- so wearing flats was not an option. I just don't feel like myself in them, and I am convinced that the energy I project on-air directly correlates to the height of the heels on my feet.

The answer to my wardrobe woe? Wedges, of course. K. Jacques came highly recommended- and I have lived in them ever since. I got the style to the left in gold (when in doubt, I always go with metallic- black and brown can be so limiting) and they look completely appropriate with distressed denim capris and a borderline-frilly sundress. It is all about the 4" heel combined with the giant cork sole- combined, they make your leg look a lot skinnier than it most likely is. Which I think is always a good thing :) How did I ever live without these?