Yup, I Am Gonna Defend This $480 Bathing Suit.

In 2008, I was gifted an Eres bathing suit. And I am ready to officially declare...(drumroll please)...

The Eres Les Essentials Cassiopee swimsuit is truly a miracle. So much so that I am brave enough to post this un-retouched candid of me, donning said suit, on our last trip to Anguilla in April 2013- proof that even after being worn well over 200 times, it still fits like new. 

Jenn Falik in Eres Cassiopee Swimsuit

Jenn Falik in Eres Cassiopee Swimsuit

 Given the $480 price tag, let's just say it was not something that had been on my radar much prior to that fateful day when I slipped on the swimsuit that changed every preconceived notion I had about spending $480 on a swimsuit. Instantly, I had something that resembled a six pack. And to this day (5+ years of regular wear later), there is no pinching under the arms, yet somehow this strapless style never moves a millimeter even after hours of wear and fun-in-the-sand-and-surf tear.  The matte fabric is so consistently opaque, even in areas that it has to stretch a little more than usual to completely cover (ahem, backside), one would never know- not a tell-tale sheer strip in sight. 

In an effort to be "sensible", I avoided the temptation to acquire another Eres Cassiopee one-piece swimsuit. However, I recently realized that I have spent well over $2,500 in the past 5 years on suits that may cost less than $200 a pop, but, upon leaving me totally unsatisfied, cause me to constantly be on the lookout for the next best thing, which ends up costing me another chunk of change, only to repeat the cycle over, and over, and over again.

So I hereby proclaim in this public forum my intent to purchase not just one, but TWO more Eres Cassiopee swimsuits today. As soon as I publish this post.

Yes, the price tag is insanely steep and I am by no means trying to say that this is a normal and necessary purchase. However, I am just proving a point that sometimes in our quest to resist the perfect splurge in the name of saving, we may actually be spending significantly more. 

Okay, justification complete. Personal permission granted to click on over here and buy this one (timeless, no?) and this one(because who can possibly resist this color?!).