Casual Without Being Cliché.

Confession: I have succumbed to several suburban cliché's since making the "great migration".  I drive an SUV, I visit multiple groceries because one has good produce, but another one has the muffins Alexa likes and another one has the best pre-marinated chicken, and on days that I don't have to get "dressed", I don't. However, just because I don't want to put on pants that button, brush my hair, or sport anything other than sneakers, that does not mean I am relegated to gym clothes. 

This black snapback is basically my new best friend. Mine is from Lululemon (and when I thought I lost it and found it was sold out across the country, I bought another one off eBay for like $100 which is sad but true...and even more sad but true is that I would do it again...) but this one is equally perfect. Alternatively, at under $20, this is a very close match- right down to the black-on-black pattern.

A t-shirt dress is a comfy and cute way to avoid any sort of buttoning/belting/snapping/zipping- mine is under $40 from Topshop.

 A vest is a between-season essential, and while this Moncler onewas most definitely a splurge, I can say for certain it will be a closet staple for many many years. I can totally see myself wearing this at Alexa's high school sporting events. And she is currently wrapping up her first year of pre-school, so...

Everyone is always all about this particular pair of Nike Force wedge sneakers- guys are impressed by the throwback "Force" branding, girls are impressed by the nice extra height and the classic high top style that makes them a sporty alternative to the more fashion-y versions out there. Check out my Selective Eye video on wedge sneakersfor a whole array of awesome pairs (and how to wear them) because seriously, one pair of wedge sneakers is not enough.