Fashion Find: Elle Macpherson Intimates

I am not going to bore you with the details of my semi-traumatic bra shopping experience last week- but I will share with you a discovery I made that was, well, unexpected: Elle Macpherson makes some damn nice bras.

Bra shopping is something I avoid like the plague. In my opinion, it is worse than jean shopping and bathing suit shopping combined. My avoidance has resulted in bras that are likely older than some of you reading this post. They have also prompted a constant barrage of comments from my husband which I will sugar-coat and summarize as essentially "You really need to go buy some new bras. Really. You do. Please. Like, now. Please?" So I did. But I wasn't happy about it.

One of my best friends happens to work in "intimates", as they say, and she recommended I hit up Bloomingdales. Upon stepping off the escalator, I almost hyperventilated. So many bras! Too many bras! Get me the F out of here! But I had made it this far...

When I lamented my situation ("My bras are torn and tattered, but they fit well enough and it's not like I am going to find something that is both supportive and attractive anyway, so...") two salespeople recommended I check out Elle Macpherson Intimates. I ignored them, assuming that I was way too savvy to go all gaga over  a lingerie line with a supermodel's name slapped on it. A rep from the brand happened to be on the floor that day- and within seconds she had me half naked in the fitting room, oohing and ahhing over bras that not only offered great support (I am a full coverage fan myself) but were beautiful. Yep, I said it. Beautiful and bra in the same sentence.

Here is the style that I am most excited about both owning and wearing- pulled this image off BareNecessities- the Cloud Swing Underwire Bra.

Even though the finish is lace-like, it appears smooth underneath a tee-shirt. The satin detail makes the underwire construction feel like it doesn't even exist- but one look in the mirror and your nice, lifted silhouette will remind you that it does.

Lesson learned- don't judge a bra by the celebrity name stitched into the label.