Notes from My Vanity: Four Products in Regular Rotation This Week

Every day my beauty routine changes- but every so often I notice that a few choice products have somehow managed to claim permanent space on my vanity. And those are products that I think are worthy of sharing- so here you go:

1- Nivea Creme: I love a rich, borderline greasy cream. Plus, the fact that this one comes inside an old-school package, and apparently Marilyn Monroe swore by it, makes me that much more inclined to dip into it on a daily basis. It isn't for the faint of moisturizing heart, that is for sure. My weekly spray tans tend to leave my skin a bit on the dry side (something I am more than happy to concede to the glow gods) and this Nivea classic does the trick.

2- Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette: Experimenting with lip color is fun- and I have always had major envy for my makeup artist friends who tote around these amazing palettes filled with shades that they can mix and match to their heart's content. Now I can me just as smug as they are when they whip up a custom blend. It features the original 10 lipstick shades Bobbi launched with in 1991, plus 10 exclusive new colors to play with.  And yay for the inclusion of a lip brush because I can never seen to find mine when I need it, and there is also a mirror tucked in there. Super small package with super big pretty potential. Efficiency- I like it.

3- Sally Hershberger  SALON Keratin RX: My hair is long. Really long. Well, really long for me at least. I attribute many of those inches to this product. See, after I (begrudgingly) wash it, all I do is spritz this in, do a little finger tousling, and let it air dry. Instead of feeling straw-like and coarse, my hair ends up soft. But not too soft as to be un-style-able, if you know what I mean. A little texture is necessary- and this spray somehow strikes the perfect balance.

4- NUANCE by Salma Hayek Oxygen Activated Foaming Face Wash: Typically, I am skeptical of celebrity beauty lines. I feel like the manufacturers scrimp on the quality because they think you can blinded by the star power. But let me just say, this cleanser is amazing, especially if you wash your face in the shower. Straight out of the pump, it is liquid-y. Fast forward a few seconds, and voila- a rich, foamy lather that can be worked into the skin until you are ready to rinse. On top of the great ingredients (blue agave, mimosa, prickly pear, mushroom and beet extracts), the real kicker is an O2 complex that invigorates the skin for a healthy-looking glow and has a crazy satisfying fizzing effect. You need to rinse thoroughly to get it off- but totally worth it for a cleanser that isn't simply washing down the drain as soon as it hits your face.

What products are taking up semi-permanent residence next to your sink this week?

Do tell. And I will pick one lucky winner (on Sunday night) to receive a box full of my favorites (US residents only). NOTE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.