FOUND! The Perfect Baby Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

I always figured that having a baby would be my excuse to splurge on one of those amazing Goyard bags I had lusted after at Bergdorfs since I first moved to NYC ten years ago. Then, I had a baby and realized how ridiculous that was for many reasons. So I started looking for other options, and to put it mildly, I was horrified. How could the universe (or, the diaper bag market) expect me to tote a nylon polka dot atrocity as my signature accessory for the next two years? Unacceptable.

After hours spent online searching, I stumbled upon the Rebecca Minkoff Everyday Baby Bag. It seemed too good to be true to be honest. Pockets galore, super soft leather in my favorite luggage brown hue, straps to go over the shoulder and a longer one to hang on the back of a stroller- I couldn't believe my luck. My only concern was that it would be heavy- but decided to order it anyway and if it weighed me down even before I put all the requisite baby stuff in it, I would return it.

Not only is it not heavy- but for such a substantial bag, it is quite light. And I am in love with it. So much so that I already convinced my best friend and fellow new mom  Nicole (her son Mason was born 4 days before Alexa- she checked out of Lenox Hill and 3 hours later, I checked in- funny how things work out, huh?) to get one herself.