Love It (Actually Can't Live Without It): The Nuddle

People who spend a lot of time around me probably know that there are a few things I am consistently obsessed with. This list is not a long one- since I am lucky to be privy to new things all the time as part of my job, in many categories, my loyalty can be fleeting. From lipsticks to jeans, bronzers to white tee shirts- I will admit that quite often my must-haves change on a moment's notice.

BUT- not when it comes to a few things. Like eyeshadow (Stila Kitten), favorite treat (marshmallows) and my essential blanket- The Nuddle. In my house, Nuddle has become a verb- as in- "BRIAN- the apartment is freezing, NUDDLE ME!"

Why do I love it so? Sure, it is insanely soft. But that isn't all. It has foot pockets so your feet never peek out the bottom. I always had this constant battle between wrapping myself up all cozy on top, and then exposing my toes on the other end- which totally ruins the whole cozy experience. And there are three pockets to choose from- so you can put your feet together in the middle, or separate them on either side. The side pockets are quite handy when I order in dinner and refuse to "un-Nuddle" myself when the doorbell rings.

There also happen to be arm holes, so you can read a book or use the remote while bundled. And you can store that aforementioned book or remote in the handy little front pocket.

It truly is the only blanket you ever need.

And now, we officially have 4 in the house. One in each room- and as of yesterday, Alexa has her VERY own Baby Nuddle Blanket. She is officially a Falik!