An Ode to Hunter Dixon- My Favorite Fashions of All Time. Not Exaggerating.

A few years ago I was in a bind looking for on-camera friendly clothing, and a colleague introduced me to the lovely ladies of Hunter Dixon, and I was smitten. And I still am.  The line is quite possibly the most amazing collection of polished and feminine, while still being substantial and edgy, clothing I have ever found. They are now rolling out into Saks, so you too can get your hands on their bright blouses, body-con dresses and just-ruffled-enough separates.

Some of you New York girls may have been to the parties I used to host for them at my apartment- we would roll racks over to my place, set up shop, and everyone would go crazy scooping up a top here, dress there, until the racks (and the cocktail trays) were practically bare. Yeah, it kind of annoyed me that all my friends had matching outfits to mine- but the great think about Hunter Dixon is the fact that every single person can so easily style it very differently- so even if I find myself wearing the same Mo top as my best friend- we don't look like we were trying to fool anyone into thinking we were twins like we did when we were five.

If you are a Hunter Dixon newbie- I recommend you start with the blouses, which are so insanely popular among NY women in the fashion/media/entertainment biz (they really are perfect to punch up a suit and then pair with beat up jeans to go out on the weekends) that they are launching a Blouse Program where you can custom order any of their classic silhouettes in a range of amazing colors. The Tess is a gorgeous take on a secretary blouse, and the Carol Sue has these great, super flattering draped sleeves. Oh, and the Mo with the zipper down the front- your shoulders have never looked so toned. I could go on...

I can't say enough about the classic quality yet fashion forward flair of Hunter Dixon- and every season they out do themselves. I got a sneak peak at Fall and Holiday and ladies, let me tell you , it is gorgeous. But in the meantime, I recommend you find a store near you and start shopping.  I can guarantee there will be zero buyer's remorse. Promise.