I Love Anything that Helps Maximize a Manicure...

Because I am very impatient. I get so antsy sitting around waiting to dry, reading old magazines and literally staring at the lights on top of the dryer as they click the minutes gone by. I steer clear of bright colors (as much as I may want them) for this reason- I just can't take the risk of a premature chip that sends me right back into the chair again.   But, I have found a way to max out the life of my manicure- and this blessing comes in the form of the new It Cosmetics Nail Love Nail & Cuticle Pen.

Packed with hydrolyzed collagen, healing eucalyptus oil, Vitamins A, C and E, Pro-Vitamin B5, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba seed Oil- I brush this onto my cuticles every morning and every evening. I have even been known to squeeze a third application in while stuck in the back of a cab sitting in traffic. It is kind of addictive. Massaging it onto the nail somehow keeps polish from chipping and keeps cuticles from getting all ragged looking.

There is a thingie on the top that can be used to push cuticles back-  but I am freaked out by cuticles and any sort of tool created to touch them, so I just work the product in manually and it works wonderfully. I adore the pen delivery system because it fits right in with my lip gloss stash in my purse- and is super easy to travel with. Dry cabin air on a flight is like a ticking time bomb for a manicure- so when I hit the road in August (lots of TV appearances planned to talk about cool Fall  beauty launches), this will be a key component of my in-flight ritual. It prevents me from having to wander the streets of Dallas/Atlanta/Houston/Chicago you name it searching for a manicure place. Because one thing I learned the hard way is this- when doing a beauty segment, you can not hide scraggly, claw-esque nails. They always end up in the tight shots.  Eek.