It's a Skirt. It's a Dress. It Makes You Look Seriously Svelte. You Will Wear It Every Day.


This is hands-down the most genius piece I have added to my closet, in, um, well...come to think of it...EVER.  

The miracle material significantly slims, and the versatility is unparalleled- pencil skirt, mini (or micro mini) skirt, sleek LBD- for all I know there is a way to twist this thing up and use it to repel down a mountain.

If you are one of the many many MANY people who scooped up the Sassybax leggings that I featured on Joyus last year (they were consistent bestsellers, and for good reason), I don't have to waste a second typing up text to explain how life-changing their new Convert-a-Skirt will be once added to your closet. 

Wear it to work. Wear it on a hot date. Wear it to a cocktail party. Then rinse with cold water, lay flat to dry, and repeat. 

Note on sizing (realized I forgot to mention this in the video)- I am wearing a medium, and I am usually a size 4. I would have thought to order a small, since that is what I wear in Sassybax leggings, but the medium fit perfectly.