Notes From My Vanity: Cold Weather Cures


I knew the warm winter weather was too good to be true- and now that the frigid temps have rolled into Westport, I am scrambling to figure out how to steer clear of the season's usual appearance-wrecking suspects. So here are the products currently in my daily rotation:

Sally Hershberger Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray: Going out with wet hair is not an option at the moment. But I try to stay away from heat styling because lately I have noticed some major split ends happening and my hair is looking a little straw-like. Sexy, I know. This product was sent to me months ago, and sat in my bin o'hair helpers ever since- until one day my stylist Nunzio  was telling me about this amazing product I had to try from Sally Hershberger. It took me a moment to make the connection between his description and my  bright orange bottle. I knew the price point was low ($12.99) and it was carried at drugstores- two qualities that tend to be rare when it comes to recommendations from pros who aren't contractually obligated to endorse such items.  A few sprays significantly assuages my guilt about torching my hair so it will dry as quickly as possible (patience is not a virtue I can claim), and leaves it feeling smooth and super soft.  

It Cosmetics IT-O2 Oxygen Foundation: This product is brand spanking new (it debuted on QVC a few days ago) and it is the most incredible foundation I think I have sampled in a very long time. Yeah, it has all these good-for-your-skin ingredients and tech innovations, which you can read about here, but the reason I love it? It is the only foundation  that makes my skin visibly dewy from the second I put it on until I go to bed.  And in the winter, I need that dew-factor to make my fair (read: pale) complexion look healthy and vibrant, as opposed to pasty and pitiful. My trick is to apply it mere seconds after my moisturizer. Well, maybe this is less of a trick and more of a lifestyle necessity (refer to above paragraph about patience), but whatever it is, it works. 

Votre Vue Bébé Duette Luxe Lips & Hand Cream: I remember thinking this was such a smart bedside beauty product when I first read about it a year or so ago, but up until last week when it arrived at my door, I had never actually tried it. One tube packs both a hydrating lip balm and a rich, delicious smelling hand cream- which are the two items that, the second I am cozily cocooned in my covers at bedtime, I realize I have forgotten to put on. Then, when I wake up with chapped lips and ragged cuticles, I scold myself for being too lazy to get out of bed and deal with the situation when I should have, 8 hours prior. With this on my night stand,  my morning inner monologue is much more kind.