Maximizing My Maxi Dress Collection

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should, I promise- I am actually much more charming in 140 characters then in real life, which is sad, but true) you have probably heard just about enough of my maxi dress musings.  So I promise, after this post, I will shut up about them. But indulge me one last time, will ya?

Before May 2011, I owned exactly two. A red prairie-eque Shoshanna number and a black and white alice + olivia butterfly print.  As of today, there are 10 in my closet. And I am living in them.  They make wearing flats an acceptable footwear option (but when paired with wedges are just that much more amazing) and if I happen to take Alexa to the park, I can sit in the grass without offending the masses. Not to mention they allow me to get away with a half-a**ed shaving job, and mask the occasional self tanning snafu.  And, most importantly of course, they look really great on.

Since I have an arm thing (I hate my arms- always have, always will), I usually throw my Current/Elliot jean jacket on top. I kinda want to try the wide-knit cream crochet cropped sweater thing too- just gotta find one that makes me feel like I am not trying way too hard.

Here are my three favorites right now:

-Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent for Piperlime (On sale right now- and you can remove the skinny straps if you want to go strapless.)

-Collective Concepts Dual Elastic Detailed Maxi ($74- amazing deal. I wear it with one of these genius inventions so as not to reveal a tad too much. I mean, c'mon people, I am a mom now :))

-Forever 21 Knit Comfort Dress (Look at me with my under $20 find- CheapChica would be impressed. It is the softest thing ever- perfect for a long plane ride in addition to pretty much any other occasion.)

I am always on the hunt for more- so if you would do a me a favor and leave a link to your favorite maxi dress of the moment in the comments section so I can shop accordingly, I would be most appreciative.