Me? A Midweek Muse? Why, Thank You, BaubleBar.

Years ago, when I was still doing the PR thing, two girls came into our office to talk about this new online jewelry concept they were about to launch.

Having sat through hundreds of similar meetings- bright eyed entrepreneurs selling us on how their groundbreaking business would alter the retail/fashion/beauty landscape as we knew it- I was poised to mentally roll my eyes for 45 minutes. However, I recall being totally engaged, hanging on their every word. 

Fast forward three years. BaubleBar, the concept of which Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobsky spoke that day, has become not only my destination for sparkly studs, statement necklaces and the like, but their mission,"to create the ultimate source for fashion jewelry...all at a guilt-free price point", has, sure enough, changed the way women update their accessory arsenal. 

Given all of the above, I am especially  honored to be BaubleBar's "Midweek Muse".

Click here to read about a few of my favorite things, including Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest must-follows, heels versus flats (not as easy an answer as it once was), and the $78 BaubleBar buy that garners more compliments than my vintage Cartier watch when both are simultaneously wrapped around my wrist.