Life As I Now Know It: Suburban Survival Guide on PowerwomenTV

When I was 25 and just starting out doing TV, all I wanted to talk about was long wear lip gloss and day-to-night denim. And while I still enjoy these topics (evidenced here), as of late I have, well, evolved. First, I had a kid. Then, I was deported to suburbia. In my professional life, I still avidly read WWD, obsessively try new products and diligently scour runway photos to decipher trends. But in my personal life,  I spend way more time than I ever anticipated experimenting with recipes using fresh-picked kale from my garden, pinning home decor projects until the wee hours, , and driving around town blasting 90's on 9 (side note- can I get a giant AMEN for satellite radio?!). 

Hence, I feel insanely fortunate that PowerwomenTV allowed me the opportunity to explore- and express- both sides of who I have become with "Suburban Survival Guide." 

Episode 1 divulges how to bring color into to a neutral-hued kitchen (while also adding to your house-party-ready entertaining inventory), the top DIY trend sweeping suburbia, and how to make a store-bought cake seem homemade in seconds.  And it is shot in my two favorite places on earth- my house, and Homegoods.

Everything about it feels so true to who I am at this exact moment in time- from the self-depricating humor to the sneaky short-cuts in the name of over-eager domesticity.

I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of it. In the meantime, I'll be in the backyard collecting mulch for my terrarium.