Ultra Slim Hangers- The First Step to a Perfect Closet.

Slimline hangers I have always envied those amazing closets that you see in the movies or in magazines. Those perfectly edited and perfectly organized little And on top of that, they always feature an amazing area for accessories- complete with jewelry stands, belt and scarf hooks, and a shelf of flawlessly placed purses.

In my pursuit of closet perfection, I strongly believe the only way to succeed is one step at a time. For me, that first step actually involved many steps- daily walks of about 15 blocks as I made pilgrimages to Bed, Bath & Beyond in Chelsea. This was my source to stock up on boxes of Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers. I replaced every hanger in my closet with one of these bad boys, and not only did it triple my hanging space, but my clothes don't fall off and end up buried on the floor.

10 boxes of 50 hangers each later, I am well on my way to a picture perfect closet. Sure- I still have to master the accessories (every time I remove a shoe from a shelf, a purse falls on my head), but baby steps, right?

My tip? It is crucial to have a monogamous relationship with your hangers. By using one type only, every item in your closet will hang at the same height which is not only more pleasant to look at, but it saves even more space.

If you are ready to take the plunge (I warn you, these are addictive!), you can order them online here.

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