Sunny Day Sunnies

Ever since starting to work with the Vision Council and being exposed to the wondrous world of eyewear, I am obsessed with just how much a pair of frames can transform one's entire look. Which explains why lately, I find myself sporting sunglasses even on an overcast day just because I am so in love with them.  However, today the sun is shining, which means it is a sunglasses-on-every-time-I-leave-my-office kind of a day. A major plus about these kinds of days is that with my shades always on, I can forgo any sort of makeup and  as such fancy myself oh-so-low-maintenance for like, 16 hours. 

Check out the latest addition to my eyewear arsenal (which I am on a mission to make just as robust as my statement necklace collection), Fendi frames that were ever so kindly gifted to me by Marchon.  Hunter green is a nice alternative to black, brown or tortoise shell, and the subtle gold accents on either side dress them up just enough to feel a little fancy when needed but easygoing enough to wear every single day. You like?