It's From ASOS. And It's Amazing.

I am quickly learning that summertime in suburbia is going to require a complete wardrobe overhaul. Since Westport is a beach town (another check in the "best place ever" column), on any given day, between conference calls or seconds after getting off the train, I could find my toes in the sand (granted those toes are scurrying to chase Alexa, but they are in the sand all the same.) Weekend afternoons are spend in friends' backyards grilling burgers and guzzling rosé, and typically evolve into evenings sitting outside for dinner- often overlooking the Saugatuck at The Whelk or an impromptu New England lobster bake on the beach.  

One thing all these scenarios have in common? They are best enjoyed when outfitted in a simple summer dress- one that can be thrown on in seconds for instant style, minimal "accoutrements" needed.

This, my friends, is that dress. And, its under $70 here.

The classic floral print atop an acid pink canvas is unexpected and awesome. The crew neck and long hem insure that whether in "toddler playground" mode or basking in an aggressive evening breeze, it stays PG.  There is a hint of high fashion appeal in the baggy fit, which makes it probably the coolest way ever to hide a post-burger-and-beer belly bulge. And I like that it covers me from the knees up (save for two small slits on either side which add to the fashion and function), so if I don't have a chance to shave or spray tan, nobody is offended.

One note on fit: I am 5'2", so itit hits just below my knees as opposed to above them like on the model. But the shaped hem makes this length somehow super flattering. Best worn with these  (purchased in 2010 and still my go-tos), but if dressing up further is necessary, I would go with these. For me, flats aren't an option with this particular dress- it would end up looking two sizes too big and potentially, gasp!, dumpy. But for longer legged ladies, slip on a pair of glitter Tkees and call it a day.