The Best Under $30 Thing In My Closet: H&M Mint-y Dress

I am not that girl who can get away with wearing a $29.95 dress. While I love a fast-fashion tee or blazer, the dresses from places like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 never fit me right- and as such, look even cheaper than the price tag they bear.  I like to tell myself it is because I was simply born to wear expensive things- but in reality, the truth most likely lies in the fact that my figure is on the curvy side and I am over the age of 30- 2 factors that don't lend themselves to inexpensive, thin fabrics and super trendy shapes and prints.

However, when I wore this H&M dress to my Today Show segment yesterday, I was shocked at the response- I honestly don't think I have ever gotten that many compliments on a "tv" dress- and I have been cranking out segments, usually dressed in dresses, for, um, at least 7 years now.

In the green room, Jane Krakowski stopped me to ask about said dress. Pre-segment, Savannah Guthrie waxed poetic about the frock's Jordan Almond-esque hue and mentioned on-air that I looked ready to go to a wedding myself (the segment was about what to wear to summer weddings, fyi). In my $29.95 dress?! Well had I known that I would not have dropped several thousand dollars in recent months on Notte by Marchess and Dolce & Gabbana numbers.

The pastel color is beautiful. The cut is amazing- from the neckline to the flouncy skirt. The skinny nude belt nips the waist and gives just the right amount of definition. Best of all- the thing feels like a sweatshirt.

While yes, I agree that walking into H&M can be overwhelming, if you know what to look for, it really isn't. And now, you know what to look for. So get on it.