Beauty Game Changer: Perfect Curls for Dummies


While I spend my life talking about tips and tricks to get certain looks, in reality, there are many that I can't master myself. At the top of that list has been bouncy, beautiful curls. Believe me, I have tried. But I have failed. Often.

Then, at the Redbook MVP Awards (I was a judge, so much fun) a few weeks ago, I came across the Sultra Bombshell Rod Curling Iron. It won the award for best hair tool, and happened to be in the gigundous gift bag that we were each treated to upon leaving the event. Before I knew I was going to be getting such a treat, however, I was fully prepared to buy it after my friend Rose, who I sat next to at the breakfast, could not stop raving about the damn thing.  She swore the second day waves were even better than the first day curls, which weren't too shabby themselves.

Nervously (and somewhat pessimistically), I gave the Sultra Bombshell a try. It took a little getting used to- the whole glove thing was new to me (but crucial- I tried to do one curl without wearing the protective glove and have a burn on my thumb to prove it) but now, 3 tries later, I am a total pro.

Here is my routine- so so easy that anyone- and I can confidently say anyone because I am that bad at doing my own hair- can do it:

  • Let hair air dry- I don't put any product in it but I supposed if you have very fine hair that doesn't hold curl well you could put in a texturizer at this point
  • Part hair in middle and divide into 2 sections on either side- top and bottom
  • Before curling, spray each section with either Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray (I love both equally)
  • Holding wand so the tip faces away from your head, wrap varying amounts of hair around rod to get a nice mix of curls (I defer to the instructions that come with iron for technique here, there are helpful graphics that will do far more to explain the methodology than I can do)
  • Let the curls cool for as long as you can- I typically do my makeup at this point so they get a good 15 minutes of chill time
  • Spray excessively (better safe than sorry) with L'Oreal Elnett
  • Brush out with fingers

The semi-fuzzy self-portrait above was taken with pride Saturday before heading to the annual day drinking extravaganza that is the Eleven Madison Kentucky Derby party. In the photo below, I am striking a pose with my friend Ophira in front of the step-and-repeat (give me enough bourbon and I guess I am that girl who takes a picture in front of the step-and-repeat), a shot which I think nicely shows the fruits of my follicular labor.

How great is my Satya Twena fascinator, by the way? Kind of want to wear it every day. If only I had the occasions. Alas, it doesn't quite go with my daily work-from-home Lululemon uniform.

Oh- and the reason I don't have a product shot in this post is because when your last name is Falik, it is not wise to have an image of a clamp-free rod curling iron front and center on your blog.  But go here to see it for yourself and get all the details. Because you really should own this. Really.