When It Comes to Travel, I Like to Fancy Myself a Pro...

Starting in August I will embark on another one of my seemingly never-ending travel runs, sharing Fall beauty favorites with viewers all over the country. Since I have a self-diagnosed packing disorder, I am already in a panic about what I am going to bring- need to take into consideration a million things- like what looks good with each station's set, what fits the style of the city I am visiting and most importantly, what can be stuffed in a suitcase and arrive unscathed?

These packing envelopes from Victorinox are my secret sanity saver- I remember when I discovered them while killing time before a flight in San Diego a year or two ago- it was like I heard birds chirping or something.  They keep me organized- I use one for gym clothes and pjs, one for casual clothes and one for on-air outfits- and they make packing and unpacking every 20 hours almost a breeze.

If you are a frequent flier, I highly recommend.