Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumpers: My Strange Addiction


There are facts that I am very much aware of about myself. They include:

-I am not 17.

-I don't live in LA, and even if I tried to, I would probably not fit in.

-My style sensibility would never be described as cool, or funky, or even California laid-back casual. 

Despite the above, I have become unabashedly obsessed with owning as many Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumpers as humanly possible.

One look at the Wildfox Couture website and it is quickly quite clear- a 34 year old mom living in the suburbs is not their target audience.* I discovered my first one at a beach boutique on a recent visit to Bimini, and have been hooked ever since. They truly are the softest- dare I even say squishiest? (that may not be a word)- sweatshirts I have ever worn. Truthfully, I enjoy the quirky, whimsical graphics, and if you buy one size larger than you usually wear, they have this "hang-off-your-shoulders" appeal that even makes a total Type-A stress case like me at least appear somewhat relaxed. 

It is hard for me to justify paying full price for these, so I seek them out using Shop It To Me Threads (if you aren't familiar with this amazing way to find the stuff you want on sale, get familiar). To date, I have scooped up three at over 40% off, and surely more to come...like, say, this one which I am off to order as soon as this post is complete..

*Note: I didn't even use images from their site here because I felt borderline creepy about it- like you guys may think I have this delusional self-image of myself as a girl with ombré hair who can wear knee high throwback athletic socks paired with a plaid mini skirt and a sweatshirt and actually pull it off at the school picnic.