Seriously,  this eyeliner  is the key to pretty much everything involved with a perfectly lined eye. 

Seriously, this eyeliner is the key to pretty much everything involved with a perfectly lined eye. 

About a year ago, I did a Facebook Live of my makeup routine, and to this day, people ask me about the eyeliner application technique I demo'd at least once a week. For me, there is one method that ALWAYS results in perfectly defined eyes that don't look overly done. As such, this technique works for every look- from "no makeup" natural-ish to camera-ready to evening out and anything that falls in between.

Here is my no-fail eyeliner application technique:

1- Use THIS LINER. (Not kidding- I have never found a liner that comes close to the lasting power, ease of use and soft glide of this one.) Make sure it is freshly sharpened to a fine point- this is the sharpener I swear by because the colors are fun and bright so I can find it easily in my drawer, plus the price can't be beat AND it has a catch-all for the shavings.

2- Lightly tug on the skin under your lower lash line, using your ring finger (it has the lightest touch) so as to expose the waterline of your lid between your lashes and eyeball. Lean into the mirror and, with the pencil pointing up, glide it along the waterline, starting from the inner eye and working your way to the outer edge. I usually repeat this twice just to make sure I haven't missed any spots along the way.

3- Look up like you are trying to see your own brain, but leaning into the mirror close enough so you can still catch a glimpse of your eye. With the pencil facing up (as in Step 2), glide the liner from the inner eye to the outer edge, and repeat if needed. 

4- Repeat on other side.

5- Lean back and look into the mirror to make sure both eyes are evenly lined- and adjust as needed. Also, you may need to touch up the outer edges slightly just to complete the line so it goes continuously around the eye for total definition.

From here, you have options. Like, if you want more drama, I go over each line again but instead of really getting into the waterline, I place the pencil slightly closer to the lash line, so a little of the product disperses between your lashes, slightly thickening the line and upping the impact. 

You can also enhance a more daytime-appropriate look by using a dewy champagne or silvery cream shadow in that spot between the inner eye and the bridge of the nose- just press it in with your fingertip to brighten up in an instant. My favorites include this one (bonus- you can get it via Amazon Prime!) or this (lasts forever, and is also great all over the lid as a shadow base).

What is your go-to eyeliner application technique? Have you tried mine? Please comment below with all the details- or, of course, any questions you have...