This Design Hack Will Make Everyone Think You Are A Creative Genius.

I am totally outing myself here, but some things are too good to not to share. Even though I kinda want to protect my secret...Oh well, too late now...

Canva. You guys, it is EVERYTHING when it comes to making people think you have some super design skills.  

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool for designing anything from social media graphics (they have preset sizes for Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as marketing materials (flyers, business cards, infographics) and a ton more.  There are more templates (and font options and stock images) to work off of than you could possibly count- and now, as I have become more comfortable using it, I often create my own specific dimensions and create templates from scratch (well, by scratch I mean dragging and dropping different pre-designed text banner options and graphics onto a design sized to my choosing.) You can use it on your computer or mobile device (the app launched last year, but Canva itself has been around for like 5 years. 

Most recently I used Canva to create hang tags to elevate the party favors at Alexa's birthday party. I found the cutest acrylic keychains HERE and wanted a way to make them feel like a personal gift from Alexa to her friends. See, her birthday celebration was one of those plug-and-play parties at her gymnastics school- which I love, so effortless- but I always try to add a personal touch so years from now, when she looks back at the photos, she will say to herself "Wow, my mom really was amazing." (Note: At that point, pigs will fly and hell will freeze over.) 

I found a basic template that I liked in the "Label" section, and completely changed it. From importing emoji images I downloaded from a design website, to changing the fonts and color scheme- it took all of 15 minutes to create this. Then, I emailed it on over to the local FedEx Kinkos printing shop, and the next morning, picked up a stack of gorgeously designed (if I do say so myself) cards on which to affix the key chains. 

As long as we are on the birthday theme- I also use Canva to make "gift cards" when I buy subscription service gifts for people (Pipsticks is one of my go-tos for girls between age 5-11, check it out if you haven't already- cutest sticker subscription club ever!) I place the graphic into a small, inexpensive picture frame and wrap it up so we never arrive empty handed. 

I gifted Alexa's teachers with mini acrylic frames last year- and will do the same this year as everyone loves them.  You can find them at The Paper Alley, which is where I buy most of my gifts because they have the cutest stuff, the acrylic selection is insane! Using Canva, I created this little graphic to put in the frame.

Canva is free to use- unless you want to upgrade to a business version (I have a business account too for work-related design projects- the advantage there is that you can save a style guide of sorts as well as a few other bells & whistles). And no, this is not a sponsored post- I have no affiliation with Canva. I just love it. A lot. 

Please share in the comments if you have tried Canva? What did you create? And are there any other easy peasy graphic design tools that you swear by? Do tell...