Five Finds From NYIGF That You Need To Know.


Confession: 90% (okay, maybe 95%) of the time that someone excitedly boasts to me that they have a "NEW MUST-HAVE XYZ UNLIKE ANYTHING ON THE MARKET!", I gag. It is a reflex caused by a decade in PR, first as the overly effusive publicist telling such exaggerations, then as a VP hearing such delusions from new business owners claiming to have the first ever lip balm with beeswax or the only luxury organic anti-aging line that actually works (insert ten exclamation points here.) And along the way, being on the receiving end of pitches from people who fit in to both of the aforementioned categories.

Being jaded is something I truly try to avoid. I mean, it seems ridiculous to be all blasé about work when I get to play with makeup, preview fashion lines and scout cool innovations as my freaking JOB, right? But every so often, I find myself in a rut- losing interest in the things I am supposed to vigorously seek out, unable to type up passionate pitch ideas that I would actually be excited to share. Thus, the New York International Gift Fair was perfectly timed- creative inspiration around every corner.

Read on for five discoveries I am especially excited about, and I think you will be too:

1- Chic Alert Medical ID: Kate Ward, the founder, took something decidedly unsexy- medical alert bracelets- and made them into stylish statement accessories for everyday wear. 

2- Flygrip: Because carrying my daughter (or a giant Starbucks coffee) and texting is neither simple nor safe, this makes multitasking as simple as sticking a piece of plastic on the back of your smartphone. Slip two fingers into the grip and voila- you can rule the world (or take advantage of free wi-fi) with one hand.

3- Royal Apothic: Not only are the jars that hold their beautifully scented candles works of art (I would easily spend more than the price of one of their candles on the vessel alone), but the tops are infused with scent so even after the candle is long gone, you have a deliciously perfumed disc to perfume a drawer or a powder room.

4- Nail Candy: These pens stack two shades of polish along with brushes and patented designer micro-tips and make nail art so simple, the male marketing rep working the booth was able to paint a perfect flower on my pinky nail in about 5 seconds. 

5- Plat du Jour: Paper placements by the pad, the designs are modern and the concept is too practical not to fall madly in love with it. Anything that makes post-party clean up less laborious is a win in my book- and if it also makes the table settings look chic and thoughtful? Genius. 

 Note: Images from brand websites.