I Tried It: FITiST

While I love to get experimental with beauty products and test run different fashion looks, when it comes to fitness, I am a creature of habit. For the past seven years I have worked with the same amazing trainer, Laura Foss (if you want someone to motivate you and kick your butt in the sweetest way possible, check out her site here) and as much as I would love to book sessions with her every day of the week, that just isn't realistic. Well, at least until I win the lottery or something.

With the lofty goal of getting into "better-than-pre-baby" shape this summer, I figured it was time to broaden my  workout horizons. Almost as if she had a spy planted in my brain, the same day I made this proclamation to myself, a certain publicist invited be to try FITiST, a personalized approach to fitness. FITiST allows you to try the best classes at top studios all over Manhattan (and then some) while also offering customized programs, tips and add-ons that all pretty much make living healthy as easy as logging on to one site.

Spending hours scouring the site and reading up on all the classes became a hobby of sorts- deciding what I wanted to try, and being able to easily filter to find the times and locations that suited my schedule, it could not have been more convenient. While I am fiercely loyal to Core Fusion (which isn't currently on the FITiST roster of classes, although they do have FlyBarre and many others), I had been dying to try FlyWheel- and FITiST encouraged me to give it a go.

Here is the thing- I am quickly learning that old habits die hard. While I loved the community, the convenience, and the fact that I was on a program curated by the top experts in the fitness industry (I chose the SLIM plan- a combo of cycle, core, performance and yoga), I barely made a dent in all the options FITiST had to offer. Shame on me, but I ended up only taking advantage of the FlyWheel classes (and subsuquently buying a pack of classes that I have already almost used up, I am completely obsessed.) I know, I know- I kick myself just typing this. What am I so scared of? (Well, if you really must know, it has something to do with not being able to figure out how to shut the lockers or work the water fountain in unfamiliar territory...)

But, even though this experiment proved my hypothesis that I am a big baby when it comes to trying new workouts, it did open my eyes up to all the things that are out there for me to enjoy should I be able to conquer my phobia (with a side order of laziness and stuck-in-my-ways stubbornness.)

If you are more adventurous than I, and the thought of repeating the same 60 minute class every day for the rest of your life bores you to tears, you gotta check out FITiST. If you have goals you want to achieve- be it a marathon, spiritual zen or wedding day wow factor- this is the perfect way to get there. Your progress is trackable, like someone is pushing you along in the least annoying and intrusive way possible. I have to give props to the founders because the idea truly is genius, and that is something I can always respect.

To learn more about FITiST, click here.