Unlock Your Closet For The Most (Stylish) Social Season

You know that feeling of a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Yeah, me too.  Until I partnered with Slimfast as a style expert for their 14 Day Slimdown program, I didn't have an official name for it. But now, I do. It's called Locked Closet Syndrome.

According to a survey conducted by Slimfast, 90% of women admit to having at least 3 sizes of clothing in their closet- on average 14 pieces- that they just can't wear because, well, said pieces just don't fit. And not only is it a waste of precious closet space, but it greatly limits your styling options.

Leading up to the oh-so-social summer season (weddings, beach gatherings, family reunions, backyard barbecues), Slimfast is inviting women to take the pledge to unlock their closets by losing up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks- and if you really think about, even just a few pounds makes a massive difference in how your clothes fit and how confident you feel wearing them.  And, as my neighbor so astutely noted when I ran into her the other day, this is the time of year where the fact that we eat our way through winter and drink our way through summer intersect in the most inopportune way. Well, inopportune for our bodies- however it does make extracurricular fun-in-the-springtime-sun quite festive!

Personally, when I am having a "good body" day, I try to carve out 30 minutes before bed to play dress up in my closet and experiment with mixing and matching different pieces- which is actually how I discovered this look which I now can't stop wearing.  

Here are  some fun snaps taken last week when I helped Slimfast launch the campaign (also known as the time I lounged on a chaise in Union Square while sipping these delicious drinks served to me by shirtless men.)

I feel quite lucky to have the opportunity to work with a brand that aims to help women feel their most confident, and  in the process, make fashion fun again! Because it should be fun- and we all should be able to use each and every item in our closet as tools to express our personality and style each time we get dressed, right?

Oh- and side note- if you are looking for a really amazing "something sweet" to snack on after dinner, you must (and I repeat MUST) try these insanely good Slimfast Birthday Cake bars. Pop a bunch in the freezer, and devour as needed while watching the guilty pleasure tv show of your choice. 180 calories, and deliciously decadent. They are intended as a meal replacement option if you are following the 14 Day Slimdown program, but if you are just looking for a good choice to satisfy a craving and maintain a healthy weight, these are pretty perfect. 

Jenn Falik
Jenn Falik
Jenn Falik
Jenn Falik

*Note: This post was sponsored by Slimfast; however all opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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