Maternity Style: A Little GAP, Some Veronique & A Faux Fur Find

I was very pleasantly surprised by the fit and softness of this Gap Maternity Sweater- we shall see how it holds up after a washing or two, but so far, so good. And something tells me I will be wearing these Veronique Maternity Black Pants as long as wearing maternity clothes post-baby is acceptable. They are the same amazing fabric as this pair of Theory pants I had in college that never wrinkled and always kept their structured shape- super flattering and comfy at the same time. The Brian Atwood Maniac heels were a bold choice as I teeter on 7 months- and teeter in general- but have to squeeze every last wear out of them while I can.

Jury is still out on my TJ Maxx faux fur cropped jacket- fun $19 impulse buy a few weeks back- not sure how I feel about it just yet.What do you guys think? Too much or just enough?

Oh- and as an aside, but, um, can I just be a dork for one second and say how excited I am to hear that Rachel Zoe is indeed pregnant solely for the fact that her maternity style is going to be pretty damn incredible? Kind of wish she was more in sync with me so I could have been inspired by her outfits for the past 5 months or so, but hey, I will take what I can get when it comes to dressing around le bump.