Maternity Style: Isabella Oliver Camel Coat

Early on I decided that the one maternity style item I would splurge on would be a winter coat. I will be wearing it almost daily, so it is totally worth it, right?

Well, let me tell you, this gorgeous Isabella Oliver Woollen Trench is worth every penny. Chic yet still adorable in a way only pregnant women can get away with (which I can't explain but I think you know what I mean), it is the ultimate camel coat for the season and I think if I wasn't pregnant and saw someone wearing it, I would be jealous.  It is soft, it is warm, it is perfectly cut- and with the collar popped, it is even more amazing.

I never thought I could feel sophisticated waddling around Manhattan, but thanks to Isabella Oliver, I am finding a little extra spring in my step these days.

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