Love It: Peter Thomas Roth Natural Looking Self Tanner

Since right now I am not leaving the house much, nor do I have a ton of time to get all made up like I usually enjoy doing, a faux glow is absolutely necessary. It buys you a ton of makeup-free leeway. Not to mention that while I try to will away this extra baby weight (apparently you can't work out for 6 weeks, which is terrible news!) I can use all the help from the neck down I can get.

Enter Peter Thomas Roth Natural Looking Self Tanner. You can use on face and body, it dries quickly (which means Alexa doesn't end up with self tan streaks of her own when I scoop her up) and it doesn't have that funky self-tan smell. I put it on the other night and totally forgot that I had (yeah, that is the way things are going lately) until I noticed that I looked significantly better in the mirror. And not the slightest bit orange.