Mom Notes: Small Triumphs

Okay- maybe it is my freshly applied spray tan talking, but yesterday afternoon was pretty stellar. Yes, it was rainy. And yes, I am in home limbo (still not in the new house, argh) but, I accomplished something that I am pretty damn proud of. I spent 4 hours alone, cooped up in an apartment, with Alexa, and we both had a great time. Well, full disclosure, I wasn't totally alone, my friend Emily came over for an hour to play with us, but this is still a significant milestone for me.

Some of you may snicker at me for this and mutter under your breath how lame it is that I am bragging about spending a few measly hours alone with my daughter, but so be it. Sitting home on a rainy day with a super curious toddler who has the attention span of a fruit fly is none too simple. As the hours tick on, her volatility increases, and if I let her hit the tantrum threshold, it is all over. 

So, I made up games. We read stories. We looked out the window and learned to hail a taxi. We took blocks out of baskets and put them back in baskets. We had a long bath complete with bubbles. We did silly dances.  I can't remember the 500 other things we did to fill the afternoon, but Alexa (and I) enjoyed each and every one of them. I kept the iPhone use to a minimum so as not to be distracted and stressed out by the flood of work emails- which definitely helped keep me engaged and the little lady happy. 

While I still do get a major sense of accomplishment after executing a solid TV segment, hosting a successful event or landing an exciting brand partnership, keeping my daughter happily entertained for an afternoon is pretty high up there. 

What are your go-to activities to keep a busy toddler busy when leaving the house isn't an option? Because after yesterday, I am full out of ideas.