Stories from the Suburbs: One Week In

Grocery Shopping Huge Receipt

With the hectic goings-on and my personal emotional roller coaster (one of those really fragile ones, you know- probably like the wooden one at Coney Island, really fun but on the verge of a breakdown at any given moment?), this is the first moment I have felt it okay to take a few minutes to myself to let you all know that I am alive and well. 

Leaving NYC was by no means an easy decision, but the good thing about all the madness of moving in and getting settled is that I barely have a minute to reflect on it.  

My biggest worry about moving to Westport as thus far proven to be of no concern- I panicked about how it would affect my career, and thankfully things have been busier than ever this past week. Sure, the timing isn't ideal for an influx of opportunities, but I certainly can't complain given the alternative. So as is the case with me these days- if I can't worry about one thing, I have to find something else to fixate on- so now I fret over Alexa not having enough to do and being cooped up at home all day when I am in the city working. She is definitely a little more obsessed with her pacifiers and blankies these days, and a little more tantrum-y, but trying to chalk that up to a major life change and hoping it works itself out soon. If it doesn't, I stopped by Barnes & Noble today and armed myself with books to help deal with it. My husband always laughs at me because when something stresses me out, just buying books on how to fix it makes me feel better. Even if I never read them. I mean, who has the time?

While there are still many boxes to be unpacked, there are also many things I can boast about accomplishing (which in many ways served as a means to procrastinate unpacking said boxes):

  • I got a car! And set it up with Bluetooth so I can talk on my phone while driving and look like a crazy person to the person stopped at the light next to me.
  • I went to the grocery store, spent over $400, had a receipt 2 feet long, and still came home with no viable lunch for myself or Alexa. But I am still proud of myself for  meticulously covering every aisle and getting practical things like butter and tomato sauce.
  • I set up our electric, made friends with the UPS and FedEx men (who I will be seeing regularly) and figured out how to get my cell phone to work even though our land is a dead zone.
  • I  got portable lawn chairs for the entire family and tested them out at kid's night at the local outdoor theater (called the Levitt, in case I reference it in the future)- there was even a picnic involved.
  • I went to a family festival thingie at the Temple where I belonged growing up and met many really nice moms- which led to getting linked into a potential playgroup once a week and landed me an invite to try a barre class on Thursday (two VERY suburban mom activities, I feel more mature already :-))
  • I found a mobile spray tan service- already set up an appointment, many more to come.
  • Most thrilling of all, I got a gig writing retail news for Westport Magazine! Officially the best excuse ever to learn about everything related to shopping, style and beauty, I am insanely excited.  

I would be lying if I told you guys that I didn't have my  moments- you know, when Alexa is screaming, Norman is barking, I am alone in the house trying to explain what is wrong with the dishwasher to some man who is looking at me like I am the dumbest girl on the planet while watching emails pile up in my iPhone inbox that I know won't be replied to as quickly as I would like. The tears start to well up and that lump magically appears in my throat and I think to myself- WHAT DID I DO? How am I back here and why can't I handle all this stuff like a grown up and did I make a huge mistake? Then, mere hours later, Brian is home from work and firing up the barbecue, we are having a glass of wine in our backyard while Alexa and Norman run in the grass, and I remind myself to be patient- life is good, and it will all work out.