Notes From My Vanity: It's Raining BB Creams

If you caught my spot on Today Show this morning, you are already aware of the BB Cream trend that is not-so-slowly but very surely sweeping into makeup bags all over the world. Currently, there are three sitting on my vanity, and I absolutely swear by them. So much so that in my most recent massive clean out (where duplicate products were tossed or gifted), all three of these held their marble-topped ground.

Why do I love them so? First and foremost, they make my skin look pretty. And even with all the other benefits (SPF, treatment ingredients, yada yada yada), one major requirement for any beauty product is that it makes us look, well, beautiful- right?

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is very creamy- closest to a classic tinted moisturizer in terms of feel and coverage- shade 2 is my pick, really warms up the complexion.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream has a nice glowy finish- plus it is easy to pick up at the drugstore, and convenience is often key. But heads up- it is going to be in the skincare section- so don't get all flustered searching the makeup aisle.

And lastly, the product that kicked off the BB Cream bonanza (at least in my personal experience) is from Dr. Jart- one of Asia's leading skincare brands. This has real deal SPF 45 and pretty substantial coverage. If you are fair skinned like I am, this is a really wonderful choice. I have even worn it for on-air stuff before- the matte finish works nicely under the lights. And for travel, it is perfect.

Sure, there are occasions when only full on foundation will do- but if you are in the market for a multi-tasking way to get an extra dose of hydration, skincare and SPF, I highly recommend you give BB Creams a try.

If you are already bananas for BB Cream (I know, I get a little carried away with alliteration sometimes), would love to hear which one is your favorite. So spill it, ladies...