Mom Notes: Confessions, One Year In...

This month, Alexa turned one.  And while I rarely have  felt like a mom over the past three hundred and sixty five days (I swear, I must have that Peter Pan complex people talk about), I did feel like one the night before her big day as my husband and I decorated our apartment in anticipation of her celebration. I also decided to make her a birthday book- since I wasn't as great as I had hoped to be at keeping up with her official baby book- in which each year I would write her a letter on her birthday, highlighting the year gone by.

As I wandered around Paper Presentation like a lost puppy trying to find the most perfect binder and stickers to decorate said book, I definitely felt mom-like. It made me reflect a bit on all the things that I swore I would never do that now, well, I was doing. And not hating as much as I anticipated, if at all.

For example:

1- "Ugh there is NOTHING more repulsive than a kiddie pool and I will never so much as dip my TOE in that cess pool of urine." In Boca, there I was, sitting on the floor of the kiddie pool, swinging Alexa around her in lady bug float.

2- "I don't get why people make their Facebook profile picture a photo of their kids. Are they simply now a sum of their children as opposed to their own person?" Okay- so I still feel this way- but I did change my profile picture to be one of me with Alexa. So, I am 50% a hypocrite. See evidence above.

3- "Never will I carry snacks in my purse." Currently, my most prized purse has a baggie of Gerber Toddler biscuits taking up the space where a bevy of lip products used to reside. Oh, and a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer. Shoot me now.

4- "I am not going to be one of those moms who wears Lulemon head-to-toe all day long." I have done it. I am not proud of it. But I have done it. And enjoyed it.

5- "Why do people look in other people's strollers? Yes, it's a baby in there. Big deal." Totally catch myself peering into strollers as they pass by- and more than just peering in, sometimes I even- GASP- coo. Rarely. But it has happened.