Notes From My Vanity: Marilyn-esque Morning Boost

I so want to be that girl who wakes up with that fresh-faced, lit-from-within glow.  And often times, when I have the time to do my makeup accordingly, I can kinda fake it.  But doing my makeup in the morning has become a less-regular event- but that no longer means I have to go through the first few hours of my day looking exhausted.

The sparkling rose-hued glistening gel that you see pictured above caught my eye the other night at an Erno Laszlo event I attended- and I knew that no matter what it was, did or contained, I had to have it. And, lucky me, now I do.

Here is the deal- the light-as-air whipped gel is called Morning Beauty Rescue and it is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, created to capture her effervescent glow using a blend of semi-precious gems and liquid pearls.  It is amazing as a primer, and if you haven't gotten a great night of sleep (yes, Marilyn's lifestyle also played into the product benefits- she was actually a devoted client of Erno Laszlo back in the day so the brand is quite familiar with the unique demands of an, um, festive social schedule) the subtle sparkle works wonders to hide the evidence.

I am madly in love with it- and think you just may be too.