The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Moms That Don't Want Cheesy Things.


These are under $100 Mother’s Day gift ideas that all my cool mom friends would love- and they happen to have impeccable taste, so…

Whether you are getting little treats for your friends, need an idea for your own mother, or dropping a hint to your family to get you SOMETHING even though you don’t want them to spend a ton of money (because you’re sensible like that)- there is something on this list that will work:

1- Cartilage Bar Ear Cuff - The sophisticated way to add edge, without adding piercings. I own 3.

2- Cross Body Hands-Free iPhone Case - More practical than a purse, can’t live without mine. For real.

3- Whimsical Ice Cream Vase - Fun and oddly makes even crappy drugstore-bought carnations look cool.

4- Clear Lucite Hoop Earrings - If you can’t remember if she is a gold person or a silver person, lucite is foolproof.

5- Pearl Hair Clips - These are the best I have found on Amazon- unique assortment and easy to pile on.

6- Glitter Heart Pool Float - Both a photo prop and a glam pool float, she can sit inside without getting her hair wet.

7- Nars Orgasm Lip Glow - Guaranteed to please EVERY woman, EVERY time. Instantly. Plus, it is that perfect “no makeup but kinda” everyday essential.

8- Shot, Please Bell - I would rather hang out with a mom who rings this than one who has a mug that says “It’s Wine O’Clock”- wouldn’t you?

9- LOVE Tee - Pink and red is the best color combo, and this cut is so so good.

10- Delicate Star Necklace - Layers with everything- I have this, and even though it is small and simple, it is probably the necklace people notice and ask where I got it most often.

11- Heart Sunnies - I gotta include my $10 Amazon sunglasses that look good on EVERYONE, natch.. Get these for your mom- she may be like WHA? at first, but she will put them on, and LOVE them. Plus. so cute for Mother’s Day photos, right?

12- Pale Pink Airpod Case - Under $10, and a life-saver. Mom may have Airpods (and if she doesn’t, hey, be a sport and throw in a pair will ya?). but she probably doesn’t have the best case ever- she will thank you, big time.