I have been chomping at the bit to take my carefully sourced ski outfit for a spin on the slopes.

This weekend, I got the chance.

And it was EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be, maybe even more. 

I could have slid down the bunny hill on my butt and it would not have mattered, because I would have looked DAMN good doing it, due to one key discovery: the best skiwear brand EVER (trust me, I spent like 100 hours searching for the ultimate ensemble, because that is how I roll when it comes to a new sport- fashion first, people...)

Perfect Moment is an activewear brand rooted in skiwear, created by an extreme sports documentary maker and held to rigorous performance and fit standards. Each piece is made to last- so I didn't feel so bad spending a bit more than planned on a sport I may rarely engage in, since every item in the retro-inspired collection is timeless.*

My Perfect Moment Queenie Jacket is 70's throwback at its best- and the slim fit belies that fact that it also happens to be super warm, filled with down and anchored in place with ribbed edges. I ordered mine months ago- and while this color seems to be sold out at most places, there is an awesome red version, white rainbow version and a new navy option. 

The best places to shop Perfect Moment online, FYI, are Shopbop, Net-a-Porter and Matches Fashion.

While I initially anticipated pairing the jacket with these pants, I did a side-by-side style test against this pair I found that was $350 less (yup, not a typo- $350 less...) and, since the $199 pants fit perfectly and had the exact look I wanted, I opted to save instead of splurge. 

Here are 5 other favorites from the current Perfect Moment ski collection:

Get the look for less with these 5 retro-inspired outerwear finds, under $400 a pop.

*Because I love this jacket so much, it has become my everyday winter coat as well- if I could wear it to bed, I probably would- it just makes me that happy.

I had so much fun this past weekend, I anticipate more ski trips in my future- so clearly will need to grow my wardrobe- what do you guys wear if/when you go skiing?