This Video + Amazon Prime = Instagram-Worthy Fridge In Under One Hour

Yesterday, many of you saw my friend Heather Bauer (a top nutritionist and the founder of a new amazing online healthy eating/weight loss program called The Food Fix-) help me to re-work my fridge so not only would it be easier to plan healthy meals and lessen food waste, but so it would rival the ones I ogle and screen-shot on Instagram.

If you missed it, check out our Facebook Live demo HERE.

These are the items that we used- all available via Amazon Prime (SCORE!):

4 Piece Bin Set- This is the best assortment- a long skinny bin great for condiments or small hand fruits, two larger bins for produce, meat or larger veggies, and a can holder that can hold double stacked sodas. 

Egg Keeper- This one is by far the best quality (IMHO) nice and sturdy with a protective sliding top that makes it easily stackable- 

Produce Keeper- I use the small size for berries and cut up snack veggies.

Lettuce Keeper- I ordered the medium but would recommend the large- you can chop a 3 pack of Romaine hearts and easily store it in the large size- the medium got a little over-stuffed. 

Lemon Keeper- So retro, it just makes me smile. 

So- get yourself on over to Amazon, buy some bins, and hey- who knows, maybe people will start enviously taking screen-shots of your fridge while scrolling Instagram!

AND-  you gotta check out The Food Fix, I am a huge fan, her program worked wonders when I had 60+ pounds of baby weight to lose, and to this day, I follow the Food Fix eating plan.