The Joy Of a Smooth Morning

The weekday morning rush is in my house is always a total crapshoot. With no advance notice, no rhyme or reason, no a + b = c logic, it can go really really poorly (girls wake up in moods, cry and/or bark at me with rage throughout breakfast, Alexa won't get dressed in a timely matter, Goldie decides to run away when I try and get her out of her pjs, Alexa's hair isn't going the way she wants it to, Goldie wants french fries, we miss the bus, I can't find my keys to drive to school, etc.) or it can be a breeze. 

This morning, after an especially busy holiday weekend (which culminated in the girls eating 3 popsicles each for dinner last night, and subsequently staging an impromptu backyard dance party in an effort to help them work off the sugar high) I was mentally prepared for complete chaos. But- who woulda thunk it- we made it to the bus stop with 30 seconds to spare!

Yeah, it started off a little rough- Alexa came downstairs and I didn't notice her so she was all sensitive, and then refused to go up and get dressed while I made breakfast since, well, everyone was slightly behind schedule. And Goldie got mad because after she ate her cereal she noticed I made Alexa pancakes (and by made, I mean de-frosted)- but, everyone bounced back. Alexa came downstairs all dressed, Goldie wanted to wear something that matched- so Lex took her upstairs by herself and got the little goose all dolled up in a similar dress, complete with a pink sweater on top so they could "look more similar" (as per Alexa). Both girls put on their backpacks (sure, Goldie's is always empty but it makes her feel all important), we had a leisurely stroll down to the bus stop, and arrived just in time to see the bus round the corner towards us. 

What all this means is that basically I felt like a total champ before 9am today. Which is kind of awesome (and kind of funny since when did I ever think that getting a kid on the school bus without any sort of drama would have me floating on a cloud, smug smile plastered on my face?). 

Of course, when I got home, I realized that I had let Goldie walk to the bus stop without underwear on. Oh wasn't THAT cold out...