FOUND!: The Most Affordable, Most Perfect Beach Dress.

Qualities a perfect beach dress must have:

1- Billowy, breathable shape
2- Skinny straps that stay in place
3- Cut that works over a swimsuit with flip flops but also with wedges for evening
4- Wrinkle resistant material that somehow also doesn't suffocate your sweat glands

And I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of at this exact moment but, guess what? It doesn't matter. Because whatever criteria you have for the aforementioned item to be one of the most worshipped items in your summer closet, THIS DRESS from Lou & Grey not only meets it, but surpasses it.

I spotted it on Saturday morning in the window of Lou & Grey, which arrived in Westport a little over a year ago as a concept test store housed next to it's sister brand, LOFT.  By Saturday afternoon, it was mine. And starting today, it is on my body and likely will remain that way for many a beach day to come. 

The straps are adjustable which I like because depending on my swimsuit (or bandeau/bralette) I can make it fall exactly where it should. The low scoop of the neckline along the back shows that part of your upper back that, even if you aren't feeling at your most skinny/toned/buff, usually looks muscular and fit. The fabric is the softest, most breathable polyester ever (I thought it was gonna be silk when I first saw it and I was like oh well- there goes that potential purchase- I sweat wayyyyy too much for silk) and it has this chalky, textured finish that keeps it from ever appearing wrinkled.

Oh- and in all my excitement I realize I forgot to tell you the ZINGER: It's $69.50. Yup. 

Buy it now, wear it all summer, and join me in a silent prayer willing Lou & Grey to make like a dozen more of this exact same dress in different prints and colors so I can get rid of everything else I own until September.